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A variation of the classic model, available in Grey, Safari or Wild Green airtex fabric, and characterised by the versatility of the windows and doors. The large rear opening can be adjusted to suit personal preferences according to climate and conditions, without compromising privacy, allowing you to really enjoy the great outdoors.


Fibreglass shells: precious fibres being interwoven as a whole, in order to obtain a lightweight product showing extraordinary mechanical properties.
Roof Insulation: structure having a hollow space able to offer thermal and acoustic insulation, and a healthier environment.
Base: “sandwich” construction with 25 mm insulating material and 2 steel bars. Four built-in handles in the base allow the tent to easily be handled.
Fabric: AIRTEX ®.Waterproof fabric that allows a high steam transmission level.
Opening system: 2 gas springs > Video Columbus Tech-TV
Inner light: OSRAM®light with three pivotable ultraluminous leds (12 Volt).
Shell closing fasteners made of steel. Adjustable closing.
Mattress: made of foam rubber - density: 25 kg/m³, indeformable andwith removable zip cover.
Mattress cover and pillows: 100% cotton fabric matching the relevant models.


4 universal clamps for attachment to roof bars, configuration for the attachment of auxillary bars on outer shell, 2 doors/windows with mosquito-netting, soundproof and anticondensation roof insulation, stowage net, 1 mattress and 2-3-4 pillows, interior light, 1 height adjustable alloy ladder, full opening on the back with graduated darkening, outer door with Crystal window, elastic cord for secure rear door closure, anti-condensation Air Cap, ladder storage bag, elastic straps assist in folding the fabric when closing.

small medium large


Art. CVG/01 – CVS/01
– CVW/01
Columbus Small:
aerodynamic version. Recommended for two adults.


Art. CVG/02 – CVS/02
– CVW/02
Columbus Medium: aerodynamic version. Recommended for two adults and one child.


Art. CVG/03 – CVS/03
– CVW/03
Columbus Large:
aerodynamic version. Recommended for two adults and two children.

One opening, multiple options

Example 1
100% open.
Example 2
100% opening with mosquito netting closed.
Example 3
50% door upper opened with mosquito netting closed,
giving 50% darkening and privacy inside the tent.
Example 4 50% lower section of door opened, with mosquito netting closed. Example 5
20% upper door opened with mosquito netting closed giving 80% darkening and privacy inside the tent.
Example 6
Opening 100% protected by second, outer door. Fixed window that can be closed from inside the tent.
det07NEW! Anticondensation Air Cap being extremely effective because of its position at the upper part of the tent.

Columbus Variant has smart details.

Full rear opening. The lower section of the outer door can be held in place with an elastic cord, two vertical zippers and one horizontal elastic cord, ensure the outer door is kept secure even in adverse weather conditions. Adjustable height alloy ladder with automatic locking device. Ladder bag included. Stowage nets, useful for sleeping bags, towels and personal belongings.
Kit Fix (art. K/F) The small and medium version is configured for roof bars using ‘Kit Fix’ Art. K/F (not supplied) suitable for transporting sporting or camping equipment. Example of surf board holder. Osram® overhead light with 3 super bright Leds, including 3x1,5V batteries.
Columbus Variant Small cm 130x 210
Closed h: cm 30
Open h: cm 150
Weight: about 52 Kg*
Volume: about 196 l*
Columbus Variant Medium cm 145x 210
Closed h: cm 30
Open h: cm 150
Weight: about 57 Kg*
Volume: about 220 l*
Columbus Variant Large cm 160x 210
Closed h: cm 30
Open h: cm 160
Weight: about 64 Kg*
Volume: about 260 l*

X-LONG – Optional for Small and Medium: instead of the standard 210 cm long, this version is available at 230 cm in length. The X-Long version is suitable for longer length cars, camper vans, RV’s and 4x4’s.
Weight: Small about 57 kg - Volume: about 210 l*
Weight: Medium about 62 kg - Volume: about 235 l*

(l*) Approximate value indicating the volumetric capacity of the upper shell of the tent, when the tent is closed. (Kg*) All roof tents are hand built and therefore weights may vary slightly.

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