Comfort is a standard feature

The tent opens in a minute through a handle. Functioning is assured by a mechanism composed of wormscrews connected one to the other. This opening system is non-perishable, reliable and needs no maintenance.
It is activated by means of an extractible handle and, as the tent is open, it is very stable and resistant, in case of strong wind gusts. Besides, the handle becomes an anti-theft device for any internal luggage: bags, covers, beauty-cases and valuables are protected (shells do not open without handle).

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High Quality Textile

The weather cannot be controlled, but fortunately when strong storm, wind or burning heat occur, Maggiolina stands out for its qualities.
Autohome has been adopting ever since Dralon fibre (a Bayer textile fibre) that compared to plasticized, coated or cotton fabrics is absolutely waterproof, very resistant and breathable.
Its special texture not only insulates from hot and cold, but offers a shelter from night lights and from the first glares of the morning as well.

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The highest existing tent

Reaching a similar height is doubtlessly a record for a roof room and for Columbus it is not the only one.
Columbus becomes a comfortable container during travels.
Its special design allows to arrange and protect travel accessories, sheets, sleeping bags, personal objects. Standard equipment: 2 doors on both sides with internal roll-up mosquito nets; doors can easily be transformed in windows by means of specially provided circular zips.

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The roof and sides are made of a heavy duty single-skin 420g/m2, 50 % cotton and 50% acrylic fabric, which is waterproof, breathable and rot-proof. This fabric has several advantages : it’s extremely breathable, so inside the tent is fresh and airy, unlike plastic-coated or resin treated fabric, which are non breathable and therefore create lots of condensation, which is the main cause of moulds. In addition, waterproof capacity is improved: as the fabric comes into contact with water, its texture swells and thickens; sewing holes caused by the needle naturally close, preventing water infiltration, while in plasticized fabrics dangerous “holes” remain.

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Technical solutions never seen before

A series of technical innovations applied to Overland create new quality and comfort standards never reached before by tents adopting overhanging opening. Autohome completely reviewed the basic project and created a structurally unprecedented tent: the frame, including the ladder and load-bearing elements is practically indestructible. In addition, the introduction of Automatic Ladder Security System (ALSS – Autohome exclusive device) prevents the ladder from sliding: an automatic locking mechanism assures stability on any type of ground.

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Water tightness and transpirability of fabrics

A synthetic shirt in the middle of summer, or a k-way jacket on the skin on a fresh night are not good choices for personal well-being. Even if openings are present, it can be easily imagined that humidity will prevail. The quality of fabric in a tent is fundamental in order not to transform a quiet night into a nightmare sauna. Our body continuously produces heat and in standard rest conditions it loses on average one third of litre of water. Heat and humid air in the tent shall freely come out of fabrics. Overzone fabric is composed of 50% of polyester and of 50% of cotton and allows air transpiration, but it is waterproof, as it comes out from the tests carried out according to international (UNI EN ISO 923/97) regulations. According to these tests, Overzone fabric offers a transpiration capacity equal to 53mm/s-, which means that it allows transpiration!

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Small during travels, big when open

Small case when closed. The PVC covering, fixed by only one elastic tie rod, can be easily removed: made of PVC it completely protects the tent during travel. The book-like opening is immediate. By levering downwards with or without the ladder, the tent rises: it is ready in a minute and with no efforts. A comfortable bed, lifted from the ground, on which a really safe feeling reigns.

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