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A comprehensive range of accessories in matching colours for a comfortable stay.
The Independent Verandah is combined with Maggiolina to get a wide and protected space in which it is possible to cook, have dinner, as well as fit in additional beds or accessories.
The Changing Room is quick & easy to assemble; it can be closed on all four sides by means of zip fasteners.
The folding Ground Feet place the tent at a safety distance from the ground and can easily be applied on the base of the tent.
The Winter Hood can be used as extra insulation from cold or wind. 
With the Awning it is possible to get an area of shading or a safe shelter from the rain.

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The Independent Verandah allows you to freely move with your car, while equipment is sheltered on the campsite.
The Changing Room can quickly and easily be fixed on the tent. The adjustable aluminium poles consist of the bare essentials in order to offer the highest stability properties.
The Ground Feet allow the tent to be placed at a safety distance (25 cm) from moisture, water and insects.
The Winter Hood can quickly be applied by means of a Velcro fastener, it can remain on the tent or be folded inside the shells.
The Awning can be applied on any tent side (driver/passenger side).

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Wide range of accessories.
A lot of accessories offering a better comfort. Each Columbus tent can be combined with:

  • Verandah, a self-supporting structure allowing a confortable stay;
  • Winter Hood, an additional protection from moisture, cold or wind;
  • Awning, a comfortable shelter in case of quick movements;
  • Ground Feet to use Columbus on the ground.

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Verandah: an additional tent to create more space and have a "day room" as in a traditional tent.
Winter Hood: made from powder- coated aluminium on a nylon fabric; it is very useful for overnight stays in the north or in the desert, where the temperature can fall as low as –10°C.
Ground Feet: to use Air-Camping on the ground.
Changing Room: thanks to the four fabric walls joined with each other by zip fasteners, this comfortable accessory room can be used as changing room under the projecting part of the tent.

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The Verandah is a perfect solution to freely move with the tent, have at the same time a place where to keep tables, chairs, barbecue, food supplies, etc.
In case of extended stopover, it can be combined with Feet on the ground to convert the tent into an articulated, modular, safe and inviting structure to enjoy a traditional camping holiday.
The Changing Room is an accessory suitable for people always on the go: lightweight and practicality are its strong features, thanks to the easy-to-use zip fasteners, it can also become a small verandah.

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The Day Room is made from the same quality fabric as the one used for the Overzone tent, it basically consists of: 4 panels equipped with zip fasteners, 2 windows that can be closed, one of which is fixed and transparent while the other one is equipped with mosquito net; window blinds and 2 telescopic poles. A practical, non-voluminous, multipurpose room (it can be used as kitchen, changing room or relax area).
The traditional Winter Hood is made from alluminated nylon to get a better insulation from cold and wind.

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Overcamp tent accessories are practical, independent, quick and easy to assemble, in order to make your holiday or weekend, journey or adventure more comfortable.
Each Overcamp model can be combined with:
Verandah whose structure is independent from the vehicle for a comfortable stay;
Winter Hood which allows a better insulation from cold and wind to be obtained;
Ground Feet that allow the tent to be used on the ground;
Awning, a comfortable shelter for short stopovers;
Heavy-Duty Travel Cover suitable for all Overcamp models.

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