Akis & Vula
Sahara! The title of the second article in the series, on the greek
magazine 4TPOXOI. 


Akis and Vula have a normal life now in Italy but don’t stop thinking about their next big trip, which they plan to start when their daughter gets 3 years old. We asked them and they give us some tips on how to organize and survive a trip around the world.

  1. Money is important but not No1. What you need first is a real passion for travel.
    Travelling to work and working for travelling is our ethos.
    This is how we did it and will do it again.
  2. Fear is No1 enemy anywhere. Fear attracts negative energy and this is what brings problems.
  3. There are not bad people or countries, just few people who might harm you.
  4. Smile and sincerity are the only weapons you must carry as a traveller.
  5. Trust people and they will not be a problem.
  6. Follow the rules and respect the traditions of each country - don’t try to impose yours.
  7. Authorities (like police officers) is not a problem. Just behave yourself and confront them with respect, patience and a bit of humor.
  8. Budget travel is not a sacrifice. It makes the trip more exciting.
  9. Driving in some countries is tricky. Don’t stick to your country’s rules, understand local
    ones and always drive defensively.
  10. Maggiolina is not just the perfect home on the road. It attracts sympathy from everybody, especially poor people. Open it and let them climb to see it - they will love you for living
    in a smaller place than theirs...


Akis Temperidis

21 March 2013

Sunset at the Uluru, the sacred rock of the Aborigines, in the Australian Outback. An old woman from the Kuna Yala
tribe, Panama.
Inshallah! For the trip across Pakistan
we really needed this philosophy.
Driving in the hot Balochistan desert,
From an article on Overlander 4WD,
Australia: on the road to Kashmir, India.
One of our favourite landscapes, not so far from Europe. Wadi Rum, Jordan.
Unforgettable free camping, on the Nile
road from Dongola to Wadi Halfa, Sudan.
Contrasts of colours and culture:
Vula with a Mursi woman in the Omo
valley, Ethiopia.
Crossing Ladakh, in the Indian Tibet.
Two desert camels, the original and the mechanical one.
Vula celebrating the fantastic sunset in the Atacama desert, Chile.
A gentle Karen woman - from the
so called “long neck” tribe, Thailand.
Waking up in the Maggiolina,
somewhere in the Australian Outback.
We still miss our Italian tent!
Crossing the white Sahara in Egypt to
avoid police escorts on the main road
to Cairo.
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