The deserved success

When you are miles away from home – in the desert or jungle, when you are having to endure the harshest of conditions in the most inhospitable places, the success of an expedition depends not only on the ability and skills of the explorer but also on the equipment used.
Autohome will always offer you comfortable and safe accommodation. Lifted off the ground it is safe from nasty surprises!
Those who have tried Autohome on their car roof no longer consider any other way of sleeping. The numerous users of all nationalities taking Autohome on their travels prove this.
Listing all the journeys and expeditions where Autohome has played a key and successful role is simply impossible. We can only say that Autohome is an ideal companion to share your exciting adventures.

Images from the Book "Car Raid" by Nino Cirani, published by Domus.
Here the Aziza 3 (Series Land-Rover) is in the Panama forest during an attempt to cross the Darien Gap. Next Niro Cirani on the ladder to film the Patagonia pampa.
Autohome in the Guinness World Records
Daniele Pellegrini and Cesare Gerolimetto with the first truck world tour, an adventure record in the Guinness Book of World Records. The “Fiat Pellegrini” expedition covered 184,000 Km in two and a half years, crossing 40 countries: from the Middle East to Asia, Australia, Africa and America, a real world tour!
Following the Roman general Maternus
Gianni Perotti, Milanese journalist, in 1985 concluded the “Maternus” expedition crossing the Sahara and reaching Niger, Mali, Senegal and Mauritania. Among the expedition goals, were to research and retrace the supposed route taken by general Maternus from Cartago to the Niger river, according to the Livio and Plinio il Giovane reports.
Diego Assandri and Luca Oddera
Down the Africa: 25.000 Km through the Dark Continent delivering humanitarian aid.
On the silk road with Hilmar and Romy Pabel
With two Audi 100’s, four-wheel drive, the German couple covered 20,000 km through villages which had probably never seen a car! The Audi-Pabel expedition was detailed in a book “on the Marco Polo prints” (published by Süddeutscher Verlag, Monaco).
1.200 nights of the Dragesco brothers. Here above the tent mounted on a small military luggage trailer. Pass of Balistan, Pakistan, at a altitude of 3500 m
Alain and Eric Dragesco form Paris are professional photographers, in the space of 5 years they have spent 1.200 nights in the Air-Camping tent. When returning from a long journey in Pakistan they wrote: "this tent is comfortable and safe, a really outstanding tent , it has been very serviceable to us".
The Paris-Dakar
Another exciting adventure for the Swiss Team.
A convoy of 25 vehicles equipped with Maggiolina
Adventure Roof Top Tents.
50 Fiat Pandas, trans global safari
An evocative image from India, witness to a great adventure (1990s).
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