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Here below the most captivating stories by Akis Temperidis e Vula Netou published on the prestigious austrialian magazine 4WD ACTION and in mother tongue on the greek 4TPOXOI and AUTOBILD, to which followed numerous press quotes, articles, interviews and TV broadcasts, to testimony the great adventure.

"...it is a pleasure and a honour for us using your Tent; thank you for the importance you have given – and continue giving – to our adventure.  We hope it is not the last…..Don’t forget that you have a world famous product….
the creativity, ideas and positive energy which it gives out belong to us! With our best greetings!!"



Akis Temperidis - Vula Netou

13 March 2013



The magazine 4WD ACTION is the most popular Australian magazine, the leading magazine of its kind.
It concentrates on 4-wheel driving, camping and off-road lifestyle. The magazine is published thirteen times
a year by the independent publishing house Express Media Group (EMG) that has its head office in Sydney.


CAR India - September 2008

Who are we?

We have driven 77,000km through 37 countries so far and after 400 days on the road we are in India. We are a couple from Greece, a car journalist and a dance teacher.
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Intro - November 2009

Epic Off-Road JOURNEY

After 700 days on and off road, a Land Rover Discovery 3 pulled into Sydney.
It had been driven 112,000km through
46 countries but still had a long
way to go.
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Africa - December 2010

We Are All Africans!

An overland trip in Africa is the ultimate adventure and proved to be an addictive continent for our adventurous couple.
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Middle East - January 2010

Stuck In The Middle...

The Middle East is a mind-blowing
adventure through history, exquisite
tastes and surreal landscapes but
mostly an encounter with real
life characters.
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Malaysia - February 2010

Apocalypse NOW!

This is a 13,000 km. adventure from the developed Malaysian peninsula to the former war zone of South East Asia, which is now a heavenly destination for hard core travelers.
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Tibet - February 2010

Tibet - February 2010

We have driven 77,000km through
37 countries so far and after 400 days
on the road we are in India. We are a
couple from Greece, a car journalist and
a dance teacher.
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Australia - April 2010

G’day Mates!

Greek overlanders cross the Outback all the way from Perth to Sydney adding 16,000km on their Discovery. Read an Australian epic from a foreigner’s point of view…
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USA - May 2010

Mother road

We discover the nostalgic side of
America crossing its most ‘ancient’
road all the way from Los Angeles
to Chicago. Let’s get our kicks on
Route 66…
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Central America - July 2010

Habla Español?

Central America is a 10,000km drive
through eight countries with turbulent pasts but plenty of colonial towns, colourful fiestas, Caribbean beaches, Mayan ruins and smoking volcanoes.
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Colombia - August 2010

Caminos de la Muerte

Our Greek explorers climbed
on 6000 m, drove through the most
dangerous road in the world, camped in
endless salt lakes, entered the driest desert on earth and they.
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Patagonia - September 2010

Don’t Cry For Me Patagonia

You need to survive the winds of
Patagonia to make it to Tierra del Fuego, considered as the end of the world.
We did it with pleasure as this was our ultimate destination before our trip back home…
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4TPOXOI is the leading automotive magazine in Greece, for which Akis Temperidis, the great reporter of reference, was editor in chief. 4TPOXI has sponsored the "The World Off Road" project, an extraordinary journey that has captured the interest of the international automotive press.



AUTOBILD is a leading German automotive magazine, known worldwide.
Published by Axel Springer AG for
the first time in 1986, today with its publications authorised throughout the world, it sells more than seven million copies every month, and is published in 36 countries.


Europe - Marocco - June 2007

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Sahara - July 2007

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Africa - August 2007

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Chimpanzees - September 2007

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Congo South Africa - October 2007

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South Africa - November 2007

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Mozambique - December 2007

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Safari - Relly - January 2008

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Burundi - February 2008

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Midle East - March 2008

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Iran - July 2008

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Pakistan - August 2008

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India - October 2008

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Malaysia - Thailandia - November 2008

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Cambodia - Vietnam - December 2008

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Lao - Thai - January 2009

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Sulawesi - March 2009

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West Australia - April 2009

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Australia Outback - May 2009

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Sydney - June 2009

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California - July 2009

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Route 66 - August 2009

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Route 66 - August 2009

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Chicago - Houston - October 2009

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Mexico - January 2010

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Centroamerica - March 2010

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Colombia - Ecquador - April 2010

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Peru - Bolivia - May 2010

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Patagonia - June 2010

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South America - July 2010

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Temperidis - November 2010

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