Legal and Privacy Information Notice

ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. pays careful attention to the privacy of users; we consider of prime importance that people can contact us without the fear of being classified or filled with unwanted e-mails. As we are aware that it is important for our clients to know what happens to the personal data they supply, our policy includes criteria that prevent the unauthorised use of the personal data we receive, keep these accurate and protect the confidential nature thereof. This information notice has been drawn up to explain the way in which data is collected on the Zifer Italia S.r.l. website and to illustrate to the users how the data are processed. Our aim is to create the best website in the world for the best tents in the world, to allow users to find all the information they are looking for while having fun.

Which information does ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. collect and how is this used?
Request for information by e-mail - Our Website contains links that allow users to contact us  by e-mail in order to ask questions, receive information and material or send us comments and suggestions. In some cases it could be necessary for the users to be contacted by one of our representatives in order to receive further information on products or services. In this case it is possible that other information can be requested, such as name and telephone number, in order to fulfil this request.
Over and above the information received directly from the user, we collect information relating to the general use of the Website for example, the pages viewed and accessed, conduct, and other similar data that do not specifically concern any person. This information is used only to improve the website, fir offers of products and services, activities and client services.

Does ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. inform third parties of the information collected?
No. ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. does not sell any of the confidential information that concerns clients, obtained or resulting from its marketing activities. Nonetheless, we have to collaborate should the disclosure of said information be required by law or by a legal procedure.

Why is it necessary to indicate an e-mail address?
ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. can contact its clients by e-mail to check the accuracy of the data furnished or send notification relating to special offers, new products, services, promotions and other similar information. Should a client not wish to receive e-mails from ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L., he should notify this by e-mail. ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. respects the wishes of its clients in relation to the methods used for communication.

In what way does ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. protect client information?
Our Website was designed to protect the user’s personal information. Confidential data sent through the Website are protected online and offline.
Access to user data, not only confidential data, in our offices, is limited. Access to data that allow the identification of the user is allowed only to employees that need to undertake a specific activity, such as accounting clerks or customer service managers.

Do these procedures also apply to external websites accessible from the ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. website?
ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. is not responsible for measures relating to privacy and security on websites external to the company. Our websites could contain links to other websites, including those of suppliers of facilities. While ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. maintains that these websites share a commitment that it similar to its own in terms of guaranteeing the privacy and the security of the users, it is nonetheless necessary to read the information notice on privacy and the security of the website to which access is required.

How does ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. update its information notice on privacy and security?
Any modification to the information notice on privacy and the security of ZIFER ITALIA S.R.L. will be published on this page so that the users can always know which information will be collected and the ways in which it will be used, as well as how it is memorised securely within the website. Using our website, the user will consent to the collection and use of the data in the ways illustrated in this information notice on privacy and security.

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